16 Things I Wish I Knew At 16

April 25, 2016

16 Things I Wish I Knew at 16

1.     My opinion of myself is always more important than anyone else’s opinion of me.2.     The adults in my life can only teach from what they learned; it’s up to me to decide if it’s right for me.

3.     Loving myself and being comfortable with who I am liberates me to love and accept others for who they are.

4.     Criticizing others for their failings is a failing.

5.     I have a right to get angry; I don’t have a right to get mean.

6.     Maturity is knowing others help me with my life, but I alone am responsible for the choices I make.

7.     If love turns to hate, it wasn’t love.

8.     I can only learn and grow if I feel safe enough and free enough to make mistakes.

9.     Courage is a gift I give myself.

10.   Prejudice confines and weakens me.

11.   There’s never a good enough reason for violence.

12.   As trust in myself grows, so does my comfort zone.

13.   Stillness isn’t boredom; it’s renewal.

14.   Giving really is better than receiving.

15.   Forgiveness takes practice.

16.   We’re all doing the best we can.


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“Forgiveness has deeper rewards than excusing someone for how they have hurt us. The deeper healing comes in the exchange of our resentments for inner freedom. At last, the wound, even if never acknowledged by the other person can heal, and our life can continue.” – Mark Nepo