A Little Space Allows for Being

This is the time of year when everything seems to be moving faster –  time, people, items, events.   Everything’s always moving anyway, but that’s another conversation.

Holidays seem to compress and complicate the “to-do” lists – the longer the list, the shorter the amount of time we seem to have.  Finding some wiggle room in all that compression can be tough – but very rewarding.

Wiggle room is that little space between chores, items on the to-do list, in the clock, and on the calendar.  That wiggling space allows for a little more fun, kindness or humor, maybe a little treat or just some rest.  Right now, many of us see all that we need to get to, get done, get moving or just get; all this really “gets” us is stressed and pressured, because there will always be more to add to the lists.

Including a little space between the doings allows for being.

That being includes openness, gentleness, softness.  It allows us to be more centered and solid.  We’re more able to listen longer to someone who needs a compassionate ear, drive more patiently while going from errand to errand, looking for a parking space or while waiting in line at a check-out.  We’re more able to smile ask “How are you?” of a clerk or gas station attendant and then really listen to the answer.   All this allows us to recognize the gift of the moment and “freeze frame” as Rick Hanson teaches us in Hardwiring Happiness – letting the moment “sink in” and ground us into the gratitude of the experience.

In this season of acceleration and movement, if we allow ourselves a little stillness and take a breath, take a moment, and make some wiggle room, we’ll like what we see…we’ll like who we see.

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“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.” – Carl Jung