A Little Wiggle Goes a Long Way

This is the time of year when everything seems to be moving faster – time, people, items, events.  Everything’s always moving anyway, but that’s another conversation.   Holidays seem to compress and complicate the “to-do” lists, and this year’s season is compressed and accelerated even more since we have fewer weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get it all done.  Finding a little wiggle room in all that compression can be tough – but very rewarding.

Wiggle room is that little space between chores, items on the to-do list, in the clock, and on the calendar.  That wiggling space allows for a little more fun, kindness or humor, maybe a little treat or just some rest.  Right now many of us see all that we need to get to, get done, get moving or just get; all this really “gets” us is stressed and pressured, because there will always be more to add to the lists.

Including a little space between the doings allows for being.  Being open, gentler, softer, more centered and solid.  You’ll be able to listen longer to someone who needs a compassionate ear,  drive more patiently from errand to errand, or as you look for a parking space.  You’ll be able to smile and offer a kinder word to a clerk or gas station attendant, allowing yourself to recognize the gift of the moment.

You’re getting it all done…no need to jam everything into every minute.  Take a breath, take a moment, make some wiggle room…you’ll like what you see…you’ll like who you see.

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“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.” – Carl Jung