Adding “Yet” Changes Everything

“Have you lived here all your life?”  The newcomer asked of a village elder. “Not yet,” replied the wise old woman.”Yet” – such a little word – alive with big possibilities; “yet” adds promise to everything.

Whatever our circumstances, questions or objectives, whatever we’re striving for is fueled when we add the energy of “yet” to that present moment.   The energy of “yet” begins reconciling what seems to be irreconcilable, healing what appears to be broken, and achieving what was once thought out of reach.

When we practice holding the forward view of desired outcomes in our “now” thoughts and intentions, we contribute to our own momentum and begin to realize our potential.  We move from “this is the way it is” to “this is what it can be.”  That movement softens the edges of polarizing political, economic, family or workplace environments and begins to shift the intractable to the flexible.

“Yet” is an invitation to hear better, imagine bigger, allow more.   Adding “yet” changes everything.

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