April 21, 2014


Blame is such a cold word, isn’t it?  So personal.  But then again, it is personal.  Merriam Webster defines “blame” as “to say or think that a person or thing is responsible for something bad that has happened.”

Heavy stuff.   All that judging and condemning.  At the very least, we feel embarrassment; at worst, we feel shame. 

In David Hawkins “Map of Consciousness,” shown on page 69 of Power vs. Force, “shame” has the lowest vibratory level in human understanding; Hawkins lists it with the emotion of “humiliation” and the life view of “misery.” 

Shame, humiliation, misery.  This is what we inflict on others (and ourselves) when we judge and condemn.   It’s what we inflict when we blame.

But what if we rose above all that?  What if we left the temptation to point fingers and find fault with each other out of our Intentions and behavior altogether – because it’s not really who we are anyway.  A Course in Miracles tells us “It is when judgment ceases that healing occurs.”

To be sure, the “ceasing” The Course invites us to isn’t so easy when the “something bad that has happened” is deep, raw and relentless; when the ongoing-ness of the injury is so in-our-face.  But that’s exactly when we have a choice, isn’t it?  We can blame and hold on, or we can forgive and let go.

These things can’t be rushed.  So when we’re ready, if we really want healing to begin, the sure money isn’t on blaming; it’s on forgiving and letting go.

Much love to all,



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“When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there.” - Beatle George Harrison