November 30, 2015


Merriam Webster defines “chance” as “the way events happen when they’re not planned or controlled by people.”

We humans often see “chance” as a twist of fate, happy accident, luck. We meet our mate on a blind date, or land a job by sitting next to the right person on a plane. We enrich an old friendship with a new purpose, or find a deep purpose in a new friendship.

We never know when these opportunities will present themselves and if we really stay aware of the possibilities, we’re surprised at how often they appear. A magazine left open at the dentist office shows an ad for just what we’ve been seeking. A song plays on the radio with a memorable message of inspiration exactly when we need it. A book or therapist gets recommended at precisely the right moment.

These occurrences are not really accidental; there are no accidents in the Universe.

The synchronistic abundance of the universe is always in overdrive and if we choose to stay softly open, curious, self-aware, mentally and emotionally uncluttered and ready, we can recognize it in whatever form it takes. This recognition can lead us to rich relationships, professional expansion and personal growth. A gentle willingness to say “yes” to following the path and seeing where it leads can surprise us with a treasure we had not “planned or controlled.”

Every relationship, every encounter with nature, every work environment offers what could be a milestone in our lives. Then we can look back and see the gifts that were offered us: “chance” becomes “turning point.” That’s the moment we can say “I might have found you by accident, but I’m keeping you on purpose.”


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“Honor has not to be won; it must only not be lost.” – Arthur Schopenhauer