Clutter (1)

June 22, 2015


Expansion is an intention of the universe. Ever since the “big bang,” this seemingly endless expansion has continued at breakneck speed; the question of where it is all going is for physicists to answer and a bit beyond this tune-up, but we can ask ourselves how we can expand without simultaneously cluttering our own path.

Our culture celebrates “more” – more stuff, more to do, more to own. All that “more-ness” can quickly add up to disorder blocking the path to expansion, instead of allowing it. Merriam Webster tells us the word “clutter” is from the middle English meaning “clot;” wading through a clotted physical, emotional or spiritual environment doesn’t allow for limitless expansion; it encumbers it.

Priorities that keep our egos in balance can also minimize clutter in our hearts. When we open up, allow space and light, take time to be, see and really listen, we can catch our breath, simplify our life situations, be available to those we love and go deeper into our humanness, our connectedness to all that is – our intended expansion.

Allowing space and light in our hearts, lives and calendars starts with setting the intention to keep the clutter to a minimum along the way. Now’s a good time.


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“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb