Do We Have Time to be Mindful?

“Mindfulness” is a word being heard and used a great deal these days.   It’s often understood in the context of awareness, presence or consciousness of what’s going on around us (or inside us…).  “Mindlessness” is the opposite – being unaware, oblivious, mentally or emotionally absent.

Everyday mindfulness can be a challenge when we’re preoccupied with our drive-thru life styles, overflowing to-do lists, and calendars.

Running from one clock-driven assignment to the next leaves us little inclination to be patient with the person in front of us at the bank window, or compassionate for the crying baby’s mom looking for coupons ahead of us at the supermarket.  Our good nature is strained as we finger-tap the steering wheel at a stop sign while waiting for a person using a walker to cross the street.

Making time to be mindful allows us to see these “interruptions” or “delays” as opportunities to offer a safe place and a moment to someone who’s having a difficult time.  Leaving intentional space in clocks, calendars and schedules is an important first step in being emotionally and mentally available for loved ones or our fellow human beings.

Mindfulness affords us the opportunity to be who we are – with the added bonus of helping us to see ourselves in each other…making it time well spent.

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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson