Do You Have Baggage? Or a Story?

Dr. Laurie Buchanan once said “When we inhabit our own life – stop doing things based on the approval of others – we offload baggage and trade up to joy!”
That “trading up” begins with a willingness to know our stories as our path, not our burden, and to value that willingness above the opinions of others.
Most of us wouldn’t realize the depth of our own resilience or creativity or courage if we didn’t face and overcome barriers, betrayals or opportunities denied.  We wouldn’t know resonant compassion, or empathy or connectedness – all important characteristics of a good friend or mate or partner.  Our baggage doesn’t lead to healing and wisdom and fidelity…our story does.
Are we viewing our past through the lens of others?  The baggage of loss, heaviness and brokenness?  Or through our own lens?  The story of gain, grace and reinforcement?
Buchanan also said “what we think is what we live.”

If what we think does not serve us, are we willing to think another way?  If we are, we can begin whenever we’re ready.

Now’s a good time.
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