Expanding Our Comfort Zone

For many of us, knowing what’s coming helps us feel safe.  We can explore options, create plans a, b and c, put a lot of “if this, then that” scenarios in place.   We do this in our financial lives, our work environments and family dynamics.  And if we don’t have the answers or the plans, we can reach for the right people – teachers, professionals, public figures – who can serve as resources to help us navigate the questions.  This is our comfort zone – sustaining those of us who are uncomfortable with uncertainty.

And, as a lot of us can attest, none of that works 100% of the time.

What does work is making comfort with uncertainty part of our comfort zone.  And that takes place in our inner world.

Our inner world is the truth of who we are, the love, compassion, peace, willingness, openness, connectedness to everything around us.  All that is our inner world and it is constant and it is unchanging.  Our outer world – work, community, family – is uncertain, changing, subject to upheavals and detours we can’t anticipate and often don’t welcome.

If we let our inner world drive our outer world – not the other way around – we get more comfortable with uncertainty, because we’re leading from a place of strength, constancy, solidity and dependability.

We can get more comfortable with our outer world – not because it changes, but because we do.  Then our inner world certainty expands our outer world comfort zone; and if we keep expanding our comfort zone, we never have to leave it.

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“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.” – Carl Jung