Flexibility Isn’t Surrender

Mark Nepo once said “The glassblower knows while in the heat of beginning, any shape is possible.  Once hardened, the only way to change is to break.”

We see this metaphor in our own lives sometimes…we get so fixed on an idea and the habitual “me” or “mine” of an issue, that we harden and close ourselves off to possibilities or different ways of seeing things.

Flexibility isn’t surrender; it’s strength.  Holding it as a personal mandate keeps us in our power and allows for easier navigation of disagreements with little scarring.  If we harden into a position out of a sense of “win” and “lose” – the domain of the ego – the only way we can grow or evolve is to break.

We see this personally in relationships at work, in marriages or family matters; we see this globally in governments, religious extremism and temporary alliances.

Flexibility keeps us receptive, curious, and open to the intention of the flow and the give of the Universe.  Flexibility allows us our natural impulse to expand.  Powerful stuff, flexibility.


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“Forgiveness has deeper rewards than excusing someone for how they have hurt us. The deeper healing comes in the exchange of our resentments for inner freedom. At last, the wound, even if never acknowledged by the other person can heal, and our life can continue.” – Mark Nepo