June 2, 2014


Mark Nepo said “The glassblower knows while in the heat of beginning, any shape is possible.  Once hardened, the only way to change is to break.”

A lot of us can see this metaphor at work in our own lives when we get so fixed on an idea and the habitual “me” or “mine” of an issue that we harden and close ourselves off to possibilities.  Our egos have a stake in being “right” – not changing or allowing for movement toward a different position.

Flexibility isn’t surrender; it’s strength.  Flexibility keeps us in our power, allowing for easier navigation of disagreements, less scarring, more understanding.  If we harden into a position out of a sense of “win” and “lose” – the domain of the ego – the only way we can grow or evolve is to break, and that can be painful, bruising, longer lasting.  Flexibility enriches relationships, jobs, marriages and family cohesiveness.  It deepens unity in alliances globally and within our own government.  It can soften us in drawing lines around any kind of extremism.

Flexibility keeps us receptive, open, allowing for expansion, curiosity and evolution.  Powerful stuff, flexibility.


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“The challenge isn’t to be perfect; it’s to be whole” – Jane Fonda
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