Fuzziness Can Be Our Friend

Some of us have heard the old joke “Put your nose to the grindstone and your shoulder to the wheel.  Now try getting some work done while in that position.”

This after-the-holidays-and-before-spring-renewal period is something of a “red zone” for a lot of us.  We’re faced with what we see as the relentlessness of keeping the promises we made to ourselves in the new year (the grindstone), and the deepening of our commitment to healthier living for the rest of our lives (the wheel).

That first rush of “I’m so psyched” is giving way to “Oh, yeah, I have to do that – tomorrow (or the first of the week, or as soon as it’s warmer, or on my birthday, or right before vacation, or fill-in-the-blank).”

A healthy balance in all areas of our lives is a worthwhile objective.  Knowing this and following through on making it all happen, though, are often two different things.  We need those fun disciplines of determination and follow-through; without them, we slow down, get fuzzy and lose momentum.

That fuzziness tells us it’s time to reach for trusted friends, partners, spouses and other support resources to help us stay focused.  They can remind us that we’re worthy of the promises we made to ourselves to get in better shape, stop smoking, or clear out the clutter in our lives, finances, relationships and closets.

If we allow that “red zone” to morph into a starting point, we will transform our grindstone and wheel into solid footing and momentum.   Then fuzziness can be our friend, telling us it’s time to get focused.  Now’s a great time.


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