Happiness – How to know it, How to keep it

Happiness is your natural state.  You know you’re happy if your sense of peace is sustained.

Keeping your happiness depends on your inner world – not outer circumstances or the choices of others.  Staying true to yourself and not compromising your values for the acceptance of others is key to sustained joy.

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  • Hit the re-set button on what happiness is with this 45-minute powerpoint talk.  Here we begin with the fundamentals of happiness and how to ensure the follow-through.  Marie draws from published writings and ideas in this area and presents them in a way that easily connects the dots allowing the creation of a foundation for a life of integrity, joy, and balance.  At the close of the presentation, attendees receive specific references, resources and exercises to sustain an atmosphere of happiness in daily living.


  • Total Time – 85 minutes
  • 45 minute Powerpoint presentation
  • 30 minutes, Q&A, supplemental references, resources exercises


  • $75 per person, minimum six attendees

Recommended Resources:

Hardwiring Happiness – The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. ; rickhanson.net – The neuroscience of lasting happiness.

The Four Agreements  – A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom – by Don Miguel Ruiz

“Happiness Rules” – Real Life isn’t all rainbows and kittens, but real happiness is always available, even in tough times.  “Mindful” magazine – February 2018.

Altruism, Happiness and Health:  It’s good to be good.”  Stephen G. Post, stephengpost.com

“Forgiveness has deeper rewards than excusing someone for how they have hurt us. The deeper healing comes in the exchange of our resentments for inner freedom. At last, the wound, even if never acknowledged by the other person can heal, and our life can continue.” – Mark Nepo