“Important” Is Our Friend

Someone once said that words are a vehicle of thought:  have a thought, find the right word for that thought, and communication becomes precise – with ourselves and with others.   Major improvements in quality of life often begin with recognizing the subtle differences in wording. 

“Urgent” is what demands our immediate attention – health, finances, professional or personal relationships; “important” is attending to the vitality of these conditions along the way.   

Urgent is what happens when the important is neglected.   

Inattention to personal habits, food we eat, exercise we get, or rest we allow ourselves can bring about a physical health crisis.  Carelessness with income, out-go and debt leaves us vulnerable to financial calamity.    Ill-defined boundaries, vague or inconsistent communication and neglected emotional well-being or intuition invite personal anguish. 

Living the “important” with focus, care and clarity keeps us solid, supported, grounded, stable.  That can include delaying serious decisions if we’re tired, unwell or distracted, or leaving a lot of wiggle room in the clock and calendar to keep stress and pressure at bay.  Having regular conversations with a trusted friend or advisor who can remind us of our own core values when we lose sight of them can help us keep those principles from getting distorted.

“Important” is our friend.  Taking a break and a breath to define it for ourselves deepens that friendship and allows us to clarify our intentions, keeping our priorities straight and the “urgent” minimized. 


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