Inside Forces Getting Our Move On

Merriam Webster defines “Inertia” as “lack of movement or activity especially when… wanted or needed.”  Webster also defines “procrastination” as the noun form of  “to put off intentionally or habitually.”  Then there’s the Isaac Newton quote about a body at rest tending to stay at rest “unless an outside force acts on it.”

The definitions and explanations can go on forever, but what we’re really dealing with here is getting our move on.

We can always find reasons why now is a bad time to look for a job, clear the clutter, start a diet, break a habit, end a relationship, enroll in a course or “fill-in-the-blank; we’ve all been there.   Getting started is often the hardest part – where to begin, what does it all look like, what to do first…maybe tomorrow…

In human behavior, Newton’s “outside forces” often take the form of personal crisis – illness, family conflict, financial calamity – bringing with it the colliding messiness of regret, second-guessing and unresolved issues, keeping us in our own inertia.  Maybe what we need instead are “inside forces” of intention: creativity, determination and forgiveness.  And they’re more effective too.

If we stay ready to see opportunities that move us toward our goals, we will find them in people or coincidence – book recommendations, chance encounters, overheard conversations, or unexpected phone calls.  If we practice seeing, listening and imagining, our own “inside forces” get to work enabling us to get on with it – whatever “it” is; we become the “inside force” overcoming our own inertia.

Reasons to put things off are always in front of us; reasons to get started are always within us.  When to get started is our only decision.

Now’s a good time.

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