Just Be

March 14, 2016

Just Be

Someone once said “your head wants you to be protected…and your heart wants you to just be.”  Sometimes your heart wants you to be protected too, and that’s when “just be”-ing isn’t so easy.

“Just be”-ing can be a scary place.  All that openness, vulnerability, uncertainty.  We have a hard time getting comfortable with unwelcome events, unanswered questions, wondering what’s coming next.  We need to feel safe, controlled, sure.   Viewed this way, “just be”-ing keeps our heart closed, small, afraid.

That same “just be”-ing can also be a place of growth.  It can be an invitation to go deeper into our humanness, our connectedness with the strengths, vulnerabilities and scariness we share with each other.  Viewed this way, “just being” keeps our heart open, stronger, bigger.

Opening to “being” can begin with a little courage, a little trust, a little willingness find out.  We can surprise ourselves as we reveal our heart’s depth of compassion, understanding and renewal.  It is then that we know what Mark Nepo means when he says “Whatever opens us is not as important as what it opens.”

Every day can be another day of opening important things in each others’ hearts – and all we have to do is just be.


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“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” - Joseph Campbell