Light In The Darkness Watching The Helpers

June 20, 2016

Light in the Darkness – Watching the Helpers

As we excavate the layers of darkness that lead to the tragedy in Orlando, many of us are finding it difficult to hold focus on the healing beginning to emerge.

Our bewilderment, overwhelming sense of loss and disbelief might begin to lose their grip if we “watch the helpers,” as Mr. Rogers’ mother once told him all those years ago.

One image taken as dawn broke that sad Sunday morning might help us with that intention; it is of the long lines of people waiting to give blood.  Lines stretching around city blocks.  Hundreds of people, one purpose:  sharing a part of their own bodies to help heal another.

These lines are expanding across the country and around the world as people offer the blood of their bodies and the compassion in their hearts.  Funds are being created, letters of condolence being written, message boards flooding, legislation being examined.  Outreach in every language, every format, every corner of the globe – helping in the healing.

As we continue to dissect the darkness of the heart that engaged in last Sunday’s horror, we will be challenged to understand it all and maybe we’ll never get there.  We can hold our balance and perspective, however, by staying focused on the light of the hearts engaged in the healing.  We can if we look for light in the darkness.   We can if we watch the helpers.


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“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb