“Living the Power” workshops  guide people to see their spiritual aliveness as an expression and fulfillment of the grand power of the Universe.  Living our power in everyday choices and decisions creates personal balance, joy, peace and abundance.

These offerings are in the process of being expanded and made into uploads, webinars and e-courses.  Please contact Marie for details and availability.

“Living the Power: You, Intention and the Law of Attraction” – This interactive Power Point intensive includes an action-oriented workbook designed for continued in-depth, post-workshop study and momentum, as well as One One-Hour, private post-workshop mentoring session focusing on a particular issue or concern as directed by the student.  Because the workshop is self-facilitated and self-paced, the student can allow for breaks, individual meditations and completion of exercises.  Personal guidance with Marie can be arranged as invited.

Deepening the Connection: Individual needs and expectations in relationships can be difficult to negotiate if we lose sight of our objective.  In this online offering,  understand how the power of who you are authentically can enrich and deepen a bond with a loved one through your intended natural generosity of spirit.  We explore communication skills, self-talk, perspectives, boundaries and “skid zones” – those areas where we can lose our balance toward our objectives.


“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson