Meditative Moments: “Good” is Okay Too

For many of us, finding the time or space for purposeful and extended meditation can be a challenge; establishing a routine and sticking to it isn’t easy either, compounding our frustration.

While “perfect” might be out of reach, “good” can be found everywhere.

Little spaces for meditation – oases of rest and calm – can find us throughout our day if we are open, aware and allow them.  They present themselves between chores or appointments, sometimes masquerading as daily routines: folding laundry, just stepping into the shower, just stepping out of the shower, the moment before we make a phone call or answer one, standing in line – any line – traffic, movie, bank, or supermarket…these can be meditative moments inviting and prompting us to rest, regenerate and remember who we are.

Answering these invitations with a smile, a deep inhale and full exhale helps us drop out of our ego and ground into renewal of our Self, so we can hold our balance between the two.  Then we can take that grounding, that power, that balance into the next moment and the next and the next.

When “perfect” is out of reach, “good” can be pretty good, too.

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