Overcome Inertia

April 28, 2014

Overcome Inertia

Everything you do in your life gives energy to everything else in your life.

This can be a no-win situation if we try to control all eventualities of everything we do, preferring to stay out of the line of fire of unintended consequences.  We end up imprisoned in our own inertia if we’re not careful, doing nothing and preferring that relative peace to dealing with the fallout of something we can’t control.

An important distinction in all this is mistaking “nothing” for peace.  Silence isn’t peace.  Avoidance isn’t peace.  Delay isn’t peace.  Hiding isn’t peace.

So how do we overcome our own inertia and stay centered in our wholeness as we navigate what works and what doesn’t?

We do it by taking that first step: recognizing the Intention behind the energy we offer as love and growth and support and expansion and creation.  All the steps after that are easier – momentum forms, vision gets clarified, confidence builds until all is advanced.

Inertia can be a gift – asking us to look at what stops us, what impedes our own progress.  It can ask us to stare fear in the eyes and to remember who we are as the Intended unfolding of the Universe.

Once we remember, it gets easier to move.


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“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.” – Carl Jung