Reversing Life’s Questions

Dr. Stephen Payne, Founder of “A New Equilibrium” and author of “The Joy of Work” tells us “Whenever you focus on keeping yourself healthy at your inner core, you create new pathways to lead yourself and others to greater success.”

One of the tools Dr. Payne created to stay healthy at our “inner core” is a spiritual mission statement.  In this tool he asks us to visualize a gathering a friend, colleague or family member is holding for us to celebrate a personal milestone, birthday or event.  What would we want the guests to be saying about who we are, and what difference we made in their lives, families or organizations?

He then asks us to reflect on our strengths, successes and values, giving us a good look at what our ongoing contribution to our environment and public discourse looks like and where that contribution comes from.  Are we working from an inner core of generosity, kindness, connectivity and empathy?   Or are fear, competition, and separation our foundation for daily living?

When our inner world drives our outer world – instead of the other way around – we line up with one of the basic laws of the universe:  expansion.   Sharing this inner world health is our contribution to a richer life for everyone – not just ourselves – helping us move from “what do I want from life?” to “what does life want from me?”



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“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.” – Carl Jung