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Living the Power CD:

This cd includes an overview of the Law of Attraction and Intention in the Universe, and three guided meditations. This cd is included in the two-day immersion workshop materials and can be purchased separately through this website for $20. Price includes shipping and handling.

CD_3DTrack 1
Introduction – 15:54. Understand how you are part of the intention of the Universe, and how your point of attraction to all abundance and creation in the Universe is your birthright.

Track 2
Unity – 22.24. Go on a deep breathing meditation to feel your connection and contribution to all the Universe is and has to offer.

Track 3
Who Am I – 5:30. See yourself in this prayer and know who you truly are as part of the Universe and all its beauty.

Track 4
Gratitude Moments – 6:43. Recognize the joy in moments of everyday life through this prayer, keeping you in the gratitude that allows the abundance and creativity of the Universe to flow to you and through you every moment of every day.

Running Time: 49.51 minutes
Please refrain from driving or operating machinery while listening to this recording.

$20.00 includes shipping and handling.

or please mail check or money order to:
marie jackson
living the power
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Living the Power Little Book of Power:little book of power

Small enough to carry in pocket or purse, this bound mini-book of memorable and inspiring quotations features 12 reminders of the high vibration powers the Universe is always generating and we can harness through our intentions.

$7.50 includes shipping and handling.


Living the Power Oracle CardsLiving the Power Oracle Cards:

Living the Power Oracle Cards – a boxed deck of 34 focus points for staying in daily harmony with the powers of the Universe. Small enough to carry in pocket or purse for easy reference and guidance.

$13.00 includes shipping and handling.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson