Staying in the Game with a Timeout

Merriam Webster defines “stamina” as “staying power, endurance.”  And though it might seem counterintuitive, a key component for staying in any game, challenge or conflict is time out.

Knowing when to let our brains, our bodies, our projects and our arguments rest is key to making progress toward goals.  Steady advancement toward any objective takes clarity, judgment, precision.  None of these can be ours if we’re tired and losing focus.

We know when our staying power is waning.  Our sweet dispositions are strained.  Our words and tone of voice get strident.  Patience is a distant memory.  We avoid eye contact – or any contact – with others (and ourselves, if we can find a way).  We begin to question our resolve, our objectives and our ability.  We begin to doubt…and nothing will dismantle a worthy objective faster than doubt.

Rest is good.  It’s the first part of “restoration” and it reinforces staying power and endurance.  Take a nap, a walk in nature or a weekend away.  Unplug for a few hours or a few days.  Your endurance and staying power will thank you.

Maybe now’s a good time?

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