March 30, 2015


“Surrender” gets a bad rap. All those overtones of defeat or losing at a contest or conflict. Even some dictionaries have “…because you will not win or succeed…” in their definitions.

Surrender doesn’t have to be giving up or giving in. Surrender is the freedom that comes from non-resistance of what is.

“Non-resistance” is different from “acceptance” because it allows for creativity. Acceptance – surrendering in the common understanding of the word – stops, stifles and immobilizes, causing stagnation. That kind of surrendering invites resentment, anger and vengeance because we feel broken and diminished. Non-resistance takes the moment as it is without pushing back; non-resistance allows possibilities to reveal themselves. That kind of surrender opens us to different solutions; it allows us to see an opportunity we might have missed while we were busy pushing back.

If we use our energy to reach and explore and imagine, the exhaustion that comes from creating opposition dissolves. Then we can keep our balance and come from our center, solid in our intention. Then surrender becomes our ally, our advantage, our friend.


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