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Your life is who you are – as a creation of the Universe, as a creation of God.  Your life situation is where you live your life – as a person, a man or woman, a partner, an employee, a student.  Your life situation can be as Emperor of the World or a driver stuck in traffic on i-95 – it’s where you live your life.  Your life can be thought of as the gift, and your life situation as the party.  Think of your life as the software, and your life situation as the hardware.  Or your life as management, and your life situation as labor.

Intention is the way of nature.  Your life is Intention.  Intention is what makes a pumpkin seed turn into a pumpkin and not a rose bush.  It’s what makes two turtles mating make another turtle, and not a rhinoceros.  Intention is the natural order of all that is.   In Wayne Dyer’s book The Power of Intention, Dyer tells us Intention has seven “faces.”  They are:  creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance and receptivity.  Without those seven faces, life as we know it – you – could not exist.

As part of this Intention, your life is perfect.  Nothing needs to be fixed, nothing needs to be forgiven, nothing needs to be regretted, nothing needs to be undone.  Your life is perfect.  Your life situation might need a little work, though.  Your life situation is where you live your life – your Intention – of creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance and receptivity.

So…How are you doing?

The Law of Attraction states that “energy attracts like energy.”  So in human terms, you don’t get what you want…you get what you are.  If you want to attract love, you need to be loving.  If you want to attract abundance, you need to feel gratitude for the abundance already in your life.  Quantum physics tells us all possibilities for all manifestations exist all the time in the universe.  Hold yourself in the vibration you wish to attract, and the Universe will conspire to manifest your desires; the Universe will mirror to you who you are.

Here’s a little quiz to give you an idea of the vibrational value
you are offering in your life situation.

The column to the far left is “Life Intentions” – what the Universe is generating to you, as you and through you all the time.  You’ll see that there isn’t anything negative there…because the Universe doesn’t create negatively.  If it did, it would have destroyed itself a long time ago.  A Course in Miracles tells us the only two emotions in human experience are “love” and “fear.”  Fear doesn’t have a value in itself – it is felt, experienced, as the absence of love.  When the love of the Universe (the love of who you are) is interrupted or diverted or blurred or obscured, we get negativity, fear; we get resentment, anger, shame, condemnation.  These are natural in human experience, and that’s why they feel terrible – they’re an interruption of what humans are Intended to be feeling.  What is in the column all the way to the left is what you are Intended to be feeling all the time.  Because it’s who you are.

The columns to the right are just three of the many areas of your life situation.  (You can extend this quiz to include family, friends, persons in positions of authority in your life, or the world at large, etc.)   Deeper definitions for all these categories (status, occupation, living space) are listed here.

Your task is to assign a value – from 0 to 5 – for each life situation relative to the Intention in the left-hand column.   For example, to what degree are you feeling “love” or “patience” or “trust” or whatever is in the left-hand column in the areas of your life in the right-hand columns.  Each box should have the value of what you are feeling… not what you want others to feel or what you want to create in you.  Be honest here – this is for you to know what you’re already attracting by what you are already feeling.  This gives you an idea of where you need to be more aware and conscious of your thoughts, words and behavior, and see what you want to create or deepen or redirect.

When you’re all finished, add up each column, and see what your score is in that area of your life situation.   Then see how you scored how to make the Law of Attraction work in your life situation.  Have Fun!

Love to All,   Marie

Personal: The Singular Self

Life intentions



Living space


Peace, calm

Healing, wholeness

Grace, blessedness, gratitude

Harmony, unity, living in accord

Optimism, positive outlook

Trust, reliance

Affirmation, acceptance

Encouragement, support

Freedom to be creative


Clarity, certainty


sense of generosity


56 – 70
Broadly speaking, you’re relatively okay with your life situation, and broadly define yourself as happy in this category.  In the areas where you desire improvement, your work is around the edges, details, tightening up of the blurry lines here and there, but generally, you’re doing well, living and attracting what you Intend.

42 – 55
Broadly speaking, you’re not quite at the “happy” part of your life, but can define yourself as “satisfied.”  Nothing is particularly moving you to the place of joy…but you’re not in despair either.  You could benefit from looking closely at the goals you wish to set, and creating a discipline or a path that can help you achieve this goal.

28 – 41
Broadly speaking, some work can be done here to create a fulfilling, happy life.  Awareness is the beginning.   A bit at a time, a practice can help you achieve your goals, once you set your Intention.  You’re worth it.

Life situation categories

Status:  this is your life-partner status:  single, married, widowed, divorced, separated, committed or in transition.

Occupation:  this is what you do with your time, and is not necessarily about revenue generation.  Working outside the home, working inside the home, retired, working pro bono, recreation and leisure or no particular structure and direction.

Living space:  this is the form your physical living space takes.  Single-family dwelling, an apartment, condo, living  with others, a spouse, children, parents, grandparents, roommates, life partner, pets.

Intentions:  Giving a numeric value to your
Intended Life in your Life situation

Love:            deep caring and connectedness, special attachment and reverence

Peace, calm:  absence of turmoil and restlessness

Healing, wholeness:  a sense of completeness, everything is okay

Grace, blessedness:  a sense of fortune and favor; Gratitude:  appreciation and value of the situation, person or relationship.

Harmony, unity, living in accord:  belonging, a sense of “this is right for me”?

Optimism, positive outlook:  upliftedness, and eagerness to continue with this circumstance

Trust, reliance:  dependability, your best interest is at heart

Affirmation, acceptance:  being valued, in accord with all that is

Encouragement, support:  a sense of approval in what you want to do or be

Freedom to be creative:  fulfillment of imagination and inventiveness; safe in whatever the outcome

Patience:  calm, restfulness in waiting.

Clarity, certainty:  participation in this situation or relationship is clear to you. Or are you confused and distracted, fearful in the unknowing.

Balance:  equanimity and equality

Givingness, generosity:  a sense of being bighearted, wanting to nurture, support and encourage

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb