Linda – Pennsylvania – Marie has supported and mentored me through difficult life changes by bringing my negative beliefs to the forefront of my awareness…inspired me to shift my thinking…giving rise to a happier, fulfilling life.

Alison – Florida – Marie has been a joy and blessing … continues to empower me to create and connect to my truest self. Anyone seeking to lead a life that reflects who they truly are and what they can offer to the world will find unending love, deep knowledge, wisdom, tools and resources with Marie.

Jason – Pennsylvania – Marie guides you in knowing the “real” you and seeing that you do the best you can in this often chaotic world we live in! She has been instrumental in allowing me to remember my spirit, let my voice be heard and learn how be at peace with myself. And I thank her for that gift!

Sandy – Pennsylvania: Marie is a lifeline for me with her clarity and ability to get to and separate the topic from the issues. She offers perspective and guidance in overcoming obstacles and in boundary tending!  After a session with Marie, I have a new sense of esteem, wellbeing, am clear and centered.

Sandy – New Jersey  Marie is a constant source of guidance and direction, pointing me towards a wealth of resources to enhance my well-being, and helping me with old conditioned thoughts that no longer serve me. Marie’s patient support, seeds of wisdom, consistent guidance, encouragement and compassion are a Light on my path.

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“When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there.” - Beatle George Harrison