The Basics: Personal Power, Intention and the Law of Attraction

In The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer succinctly defines what human beings – as part of the Universe’s Intention – are all about:  creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance and receptivity.  And while each of these characteristics in human history can be argued, without the ongoing triumph of these properties, humanity would have destroyed itself by now.

The Law of Attraction tells us “energy attracts like energy.”  If we want to bring more of the power of the Universe into our daily living, we need to maintain an energy, focus and Intention that resonates with what the Universe is already generating – those seven “faces” as Dyer classifies them.

But here’s the tricky part.  If our current circumstances are not what we desire or intend, the only way to change our future (which is anytime after now) is to stay in harmony with who we really are:  creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expansive, abundant and receptive.  Not always easy when our natural responses to anything undesired is resentment, anger, recrimination or anxiety.

And that’s the work:  bringing who we really are into difficult circumstances.  This “bringing” begins with awareness.   Without this awareness we create habits, defenses and behaviors that perpetuate the very thing we’re trying to reduce or eliminate.

Our Personal Power grows when we stay aware of who we are Intended to be, wherever we happen to be.


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