The First Step in Starting: Nothing

With winter holidays over, many of us are eager to get going with new projects or to pick up the old ones that didn’t quite get finished before schedules got stressed and stuffed.  Now is when those “after-the-holidays-are-over-I’m-going-to…” dates get made, promises get promised, diet and exercise programs get started.  Somewhere in there all the clutter and decorations waiting to be packed up and put away for another 11 months are calling our name.

Maybe the first step in any successful start-up is doing nothing.  Maybe success opens with stillness, quiet and calm.  It could be as simple as accepting the welcome gift of a deep breath after a period of activity, commotion or saturation of anything that is key to great beginnings.

If we allow the circulation of a little space, light and air between the action that went before and the new beginnings for what we plan, we can rest and regain our balance there; we can allow our own renewal.  It is this “do-nothing” space of restoration that allows our haze-free forward vision to emerge.

Vision helps us decide what to leave behind and what to take with us into our New Year.  It allows us to clearly see what healthy relationships, home and work environments, and career look like.

Promising ourselves we’ll keep this inner vision regardless of what is happening in our outer days, chores and artificial pressures can be the gift that keeps on giving this year, and any year, all year long.

Okay – deep breath.

Welcome 2017!

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“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb