The Other Side Of Blindsided

March 28, 2016

The Other Side of Blindsided

Merriam Webster defines “Blindside” as “to hit (someone who is facing another direction) suddenly and very hard.”  Webster continues the definition with “to shock or surprise in a very unpleasant way.”

A lot of us can point to these “blindsided” moments in our lives:  jobs dissolving with no notice, marriages crumbling with a stunning betrayal of trust, financial security vaporizing after unexpected downturns, health suddenly threatened.   No notice, stunning, unexpected, threatened…blindsided.  We’ve all been there.  The pain, waiting and bewilderment can be excruciating and interminable while we’re going through it.

This “going-through-it” agony can be softened once we realize releasing what isn’t right for us makes room for what is.  It is at that moment that our recovery begins.

The Universe is self-correcting, self-healing, self-balancing, and we’re all part of that correction, health and balance.  We’re always given chances to grow beyond the wounding, add value in unexpected places or energize possibilities.  This is where we find richness in our relationships by giving our loved ones the chance to be the powerful support we know they are.  This is where our children show us their depth as we watch them explore their own strength, resilience and compassion.  This is when we begin to see our own potential as we “come out on the other side” realizing a bigger and better “now” than we ever dreamed.

Someone once said “the only way to put something behind us is to go through it.”   The other side of “through” can be pretty good.  And it will be waiting for us there whenever we’re ready.


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“Forgiveness has deeper rewards than excusing someone for how they have hurt us. The deeper healing comes in the exchange of our resentments for inner freedom. At last, the wound, even if never acknowledged by the other person can heal, and our life can continue.” – Mark Nepo