There Is No Them

In the wake of the election last Tuesday, many of us are still looking for a voice to articulate what we’re feeling.  Setting aside the winning or losing, it’s hard to see how a campaign of separation can be a foundation for “coming together” as many of our political leaders have asked.   How do polar opposites of an issue “come together” without surrendering the values at the heart of deeply held positions?

Remembering there is no “no” in the universe could be a good first step.

Nothing can ever be stopped or undone without creating something else as we learned from Robert Merton’s “Law” of unforeseen consequences.  Those are the circumstances not “intended by purposeful action” prompting us to remember there is no “no.”

If we really want to heal the divide and find our way forward (and forward is the only way we can go), then we need to examine our “intended purposeful actions” – and see what we can attach “yes” to.

If we, our neighbors, friends or family occupy “0” or “10” on the “going forward” continuum, maybe the conversation needs to be what 4-5-6 looks like.  It’s difficult to imagine anyone at either end making a 180 and going to what they believe is the Dark Side, but if we use our energy to find, explore, imagine and define that 4-5-6, we’ll be able to really hear each others’ voices, keep our balance and still come from our center, solid in our intended purposeful actions.

As last week’s Intention Tune-Up reminds us, progress toward our Perfect Union is messy.  Remembering:  1) now, here and this are all we have, 2) there is no “them” – there’s only “us” and 3) the Universe is made up of “yes”, we might be able to keep the mess to a minimum.


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“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb