Uncertain? We have Three Choices

Whenever we’re faced with an event or circumstance not of our choosing, we have only three options:  we can accept the situation, change it, or leave it.

Accepting isn’t defeat; it’s surrendering to the flow of what is.  It took the Universe 14 billion years – give or take – to create this moment and pushing back against it provokes exhaustion and frustration (and it doesn’t work).

Changing a circumstance from the inside challenges us to research possibilities.  It engages us; it asks us to look at options, compromises or unexamined alternatives.

Leaving a situation isn’t necessarily physical.  We can withdraw from discourse, redirect emotions, detach from the outcome or put time and distance between ourselves and the stimulus before re-engaging.  All of which can keep egos balanced and managed.

Because the mandate of the Universe is evolution, there no “no” in the Universe – only “yes.”  Allowing ourselves to find our way from “undesirable” to “unknown” is a step forward in our evolution.  This step opens us to creativity, vision, imagination and trust, and it is the beginning of our collaboration with the “yes” of All That Is.

Uncertainty isn’t the enemy; it’s an invitation.

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“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.” – Carl Jung