Welcome 2018

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.”  These wise words from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; sounds like a New Year’s Resolution.

Just this one promise to ourselves can clear our path to love more deeply, trust more wisely and connect more broadly.  Our goals will be bigger, closer, more achievable.

Our egos then can be right-sized, allowing our sense of peace to expand from our inner world to our outer world, enriching our sense of community, sharing and celebrating the common-ness of our different-ness, and contributing to an environment where others can be free to do the same.

So.  Here we are – brooms in hand, walking through the door to 2018, a new beginning.   Sweeping the world together, there’s nothing we can’t clean up.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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Welcome 2018

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"If you never ask for help, you deprive others of the joy of giving. Givers don’t need takers, but they do need receivers. Takers exploit the generosity of others. Receivers show gratitude for the generosity of others and strive to pay it forward." - Adam Grant
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