Welcome Non Resistance

October 26, 2015

Welcome Non-Resistance

How many times have we heard or used the phrase “that’s just the way it is” to describe an issue crying out for a solution, but is either too big or too complicated to unravel, redirect, or heal. Often we tell ourselves and each other we need to just accept it – “what is is.”

Maybe what we need instead is an understanding of the subtle difference between acceptance and non-resistance.

Acceptance has a “stop” quality to it, a nuance of consent and reluctant surrender to a situation or conflict. And even though it can mean we value the lesson it presents, there’s a “settle” feeling to it, an undertone of resignation.

Non-resistance, on the other hand, has “no-pushback” and “what-else-can-we-do-here” feeling to it. It means acknowledging what is, and then seeing beyond, finding what can still be. That “seeing beyond” is our contribution to an environment of positive action, forward momentum and teamwork.

Non-resistance is the mentality of “Yes” and “Yes” is the Intention of the Universe – always growing from what is, offering more, bigger, broader. And because we’re part of this Universe, it’s who we are too.

That Intention comes from our deepest center compelling us to create, expand, share, give. We are always at its leading edge, opening us to possibilities – once we move beyond acceptance and welcome non-resistance.


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“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb