“What if…?” Looking Beyond the 4%

Did you know that we don’t know what 96% of the “known” Universe is?  The percentage varies between 93% and 97%, depending on the source, but it is dark to us…dark energy or dark matter.  Something is there, something is happening there, we just don’t know what it is.

We are made of the same stuff as the Universe.  And because our existence is only what is identifiable, we know we are missing 96% of what is possible.  We experience love, light and consciousness as we define it through five senses and three dimensions – 4% of what is knowable.  We make decisions, choices and navigate our environment from this 4% perspective, forming our views, opinions and judgements of others and ourselves.

But what if we began living like we knew there was so much more?  As powerful as our experiences of love, light and consciousness already are, we have only accessed and explored 4% of what is available to us.  What if we stepped back from our need to judge and evaluate and dismiss?  Would we open ourselves to more love, light and consciousness?  A broader horizon of sharing and progressing?

What if we started thinking more about “what if?”  Maybe we should ponder that for awhile, and see what emerges.

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