What Is Is

October 6, 2014

What Is, Is

How many times have we heard or used the phrase “that’s just the way it is” to describe an issue crying out for a solution? We might see the situation as too big or too complicated to unravel, redirect, or do over. Often we tell ourselves and each other we need to just accept it; what is, is. And that, of course, is true: what is, is.

We can respond to that “is-ness” a couple different ways, though, and there’s a subtle shift in our energy, depending on our view.

If we accept the situation, we can feel a sense of stop, loss, defeat, concession. If we do not resist it, we can open up to a “go forward” sense of recognition and understanding, then release and possibility. We move from what is to what’s next, what’s doable, where can we go from here. Depending on our perspective, that energy shift is an invitation – we can choose between “stop” and “go.” Between closing down and opening up.

It took the Universe 14 billion years to make this moment. Pushing back against it guarantees frustration and defeat; seeing it as the leading edge of possibility summons imagination and inventiveness. The choice is ours.


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“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb